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What's for Dessert?  


Liquid Bread | 02.06.2014

Liquid Bread

In a not so far past, beer was called "liquid bread", the reason being that beer is a simple fermented cereal beverage, and it is never filtered, thus there is a residue of the cereal left in the liquid, where the name liquid bread. And when I visited Young Masters Ales, a new start-up where Rohit a...

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From the Zen Organic Farm to your table | 24.11.2011

From the Zen Organic Farm to your table

It took me just about 2 hours to reach the Zen Organic Farm in Fan Ling on that Tuesday morning. Mr. Ng picked us up at the Sheung Shui train station and drove us to the farm which was about 15 minutes away. When we arrived I felt like home....

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A Cup of Tea with My Pantyhose Heroes | 21.09.2011

A Cup of Tea with My Pantyhose Heroes

We all need people we look up to. We all need heroes in our lives. I have several heroes myself and some of the most uncommon are the uncles placing Hong Kong on the world scene of tea with their pantyhose milk tea, otherwise known as lai cha....

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Mumbai - Incredible India! | 11.07.2011

Mumbai - Incredible India!

My to-do list of travel never started with India, although the beaches of Kerala in the south or the snowy mountain of Kashmir always attracted me. In my mind it was more the like of Australia or Brazil… The odds decided otherwise and I ended up being sent to Mumbai for two weeks of work at the Fou...

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Family Breakfast with Ensaïmadas | 18.05.2011

Family Breakfast with Ensaïmadas

Bread can be both a local speciality only available in a particular region or country, and something that once began as a local item but is now known internationally, either in its original form or modified. For example there is a version of the ensaïmada, which upon its discovery had me researching...

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Create Your Own Signature Ice Cream | 05.05.2011

Create Your Own Signature Ice Cream

Summer is edging ever closer and with it, we’re all looking at spending countless hours by the pool, being lazy and taking all the time in the world to move even just a toe. Okay, maybe that’s just me....

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Rhubarb Trifle: You did WHAT? | 06.04.2011

Rhubarb Trifle: You did WHAT?

I must apologise straightaway to purists, but I couldn’t resist the temptation of sharing with you my take on the classic spring dessert, the infamous rhubarb trifle....

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How Do You Like Your Scones: Simple or Posh? | 02.03.2011

How Do You Like Your Scones: Simple or Posh?

Simple ingredients, simple method, simple flavour and simple texture – everything about a scone is simple! So what makes them so posh?...

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What's for Dessert? - Giving Bread | 24.01.2011

What's for Dessert? - Giving Bread

There are several resolutions you might have taken for 2011. Like most, and understandably, you’ve made choices that will eventually benefit your self. Loosing weight, stop smoking or my favourite one baking more bread at home, may all be on your list. Gladly for us, destiny decided on one of our re...

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What's for Dessert? - A 2011 Resolution: More Baking at Home! | 11.01.2011

What's for Dessert? - A 2011 Resolution: More Baking at Home!

And why not? If the thought of kneading flour, water and salt into dough doesn't scare you away, and if the thought of filling your home with the gentle aroma of freshly baked bread ever crossed your mind, then you might be on to something big for your New Year resolution: baking your own bread at h...

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The Abyssal Depth of Chocolate | 24.11.2010

The Abyssal Depth of Chocolate

Undoubtedly, the way we once looked at chocolate is now history. Today, just like lovers of fine wine, chocolate aficionados have their own clubs, ateliers and other associations promoting everything chocolate. Brands, on their side, have adapted to the demand with multiple single origin chocola...

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Damascus, I Love You! | 04.11.2010

Damascus, I Love You!

For the past two years, we at the Four Seasons (HK) have had the luck to welcome chef Mohammad Helal, from our sister property in Damascus, Syria. During his stay, chef Mohammad showed us what Syrian food was all about....

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The Other Sugar | 20.09.2010

The Other Sugar

For the past few months, I have been trying to control my food intake, and follow the low glycemic index of ingredients and meals. And my electronic body-scale thanks me every time for the efforts! All good news, except, as a Pastry Chef, there is one thing that I can’t go without and it’s sugar....

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To Be or Not to Be Organic… | 17.08.2010

To Be or Not to Be Organic…

In recent years, the organic movement has been one of the fastest growing trends in the food industry. The organic market represents a multi-billion dollar industry and like any trend, everyone tries to get a share of the promising market....

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Macarons à la mode? | 14.07.2010

Macarons à la mode?

Here comes an inconvenient truth for a pastry chef: I don’t fancy macarons. And actually, I’ve never quite got what the fuss is all about either....

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Tart Cherries or Cherry Tart? | 07.06.2010

Tart Cherries or Cherry Tart?

When Mother Nature decides to throw a not-so-nice spring season in Europe, we can expect the red delicacies that are cherries to reach us a bit later than usual and in limited supply....

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The Joys of Eating Locally | 05.05.2010

The Joys of Eating Locally

I am writing this from my native Valais, southwest Switzerland, on vacation that has seemed a long time coming. As soon as we arrived, we had a blast of the local flavours....

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