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Meet: Catharine Nicol

Column: Good for You


Eating healthily often gets a bad rap: it's boring, nothing but greens, rabbit food... You name it, I've heard it. I'm not a vegetarian, far from it. I can't live without bacon sarnies oozing ketchup, Sunday roasts with the trimmings, fish and chips in pages of The Sun - did you pick up that I'm British? But six years of writing about health, spas and spa cuisine has introduced me to an increasingly popular, relatively environmentally friendly and innovative field of food — the stuff that's good for you.

It's always a challenge for me to pass over the crispy foie gras and cream-soused pasta, but every time I find a great dish that's clearly healthy (although not necessarily vegetarian) I consider it a huge load of brownie points for me and my digestion. It's a win-win situation.


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