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What is WOM guide

Representing the people's voice of dining in the city, WOMguide.com is a comprehensive and unique online food magazine and restaurant guide. It features over 2,900 restaurants in Hong Kong, and its members or wommers - the ‘market intelligence' - log on to www.WOMguide.com to share their opinions on the restaurants they have experienced. It's a community of discerning Hong Kong locals giving their independent insight into what's hot, where to go and why.

WOM is short for "Word of Mouth", the technique adopted widely when it comes to restaurant recommendations.

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About WOM - www.WOMguide.com

WOMguide.com is an online restaurant guide that provides access to detailed information, ratings and reviews of your favourite restaurants, and a forum for you to publicly post and share your opinion with other wommers. Hong Kong's only dining guide based on the opinions of everyday people who enjoy food, WOMguide.com has the advantage of authenticity: it's local, it's run by local experts, and it's a community for all variety of local foodies.

WOMguide.com is also an online magazine - home to restaurant reviews written by professional reviewers, interviews with leading chefs, and seasonal food articles, while the Ask a Chef section allows members to send in their cooking questions to a variety of professional chefs.

A community for all variety of local foodies who are proud of Hong Kong's vibrant dining scene, WOMguide.com features all the latest restaurant news, including openings and closings, as well as the most up-to-date promotions and events. It offers a true insight into what's the talk of the town.

WOMguide.com is available on the move with WOMobile - a mobile-friendly version of WOMguide.com. You can search for your favourite restaurant just as you would on the full version website. On WOMobile, foodies can also share their dining experience by writing reviews and uploading photos - anytime, anywhere.

The best seller annual WOM guide printed dining guide book, now in its sixth edition, is available in leading bookshops throughout the city. It is Hong Kong's only dining guide based on the opinions of everyday people who enjoy food and has the advantage of authenticity - it's written by the people for the people. It is the dining out bible for food-lovers, restaurateurs, locals and visitors alike. Published annually since 2005, WOM guide has repeatedly hit the Best Seller's list in SCMP, Dymocks and Bookazine.

WOM guide 2011 available in leading bookshops in Hong Kong, includes fun, witty and honest reviews on 250 of the city's most loved restaurants by over 18,000 Wommers. It covers Hong Kong's wide array of dining options, from the most loved local eateries to the best fine dining establishments in town.

WOM guide was founded in 2004 by Hong Kongers Samanta Pong and Fergus Fung, whose passion for good food inspired the concept. They wanted to create an "in the know" resource for discerning foodies. In May 2010, WOM guide was recognised as one of the city's most successful small business with the "2010 SME Entrepreneurship Award" by the Hong Kong Chamber of Small and Medium Business.

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Become a WOMMER!

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How do i add my reviews?

  • First you will need to sign up. Only Wommers can make reviews.
  • Search for your favorite restaurant with either our search above or use the restaurant selector to the left. Add your review.
  • Share your reviews with your friends. The more people know about WOM the better it is for you as you look for more great culinary finds.


Facts + Figures

WOM guide is the first survey-based restaurant handbook in Hong Kong. The first edition came out in 2005. The nineth edition is now out in all major bookshops.

WOM guide 9th edition - "200 Dishes to Try Before Moving to Mars"

Date of Publication:  12 December, 2013
Trim Size: 210mm (H) x 120mm (W)
Specifications: 4-Colours throughout
Paper: 90gsm Condat art paper (FSC Environmental-friendly Paper)
Language: English
Number of Pages: 308
Recommended Retail Price: HKD128

Content - What's New this year

  • Featuring 200 must-try eateries in Hong Kong
  • Colourful cover and layout; illustration by Mariko Jesse
  • One restaurant per page, with photos of the must-try dish and interior
  • Reviews split into WOM to eat (what to eat), and WOM else (insider tips for the restaurant)
  • WOM choice, which gives recommendations for special occasions and food cravings
  • Wine talk by Debra Meiburg, Master of Wine
  • Macau section for those who want to take day-trips to eat
  • Pull-out recipe section for those who want to try their hand at making restaurant dishes at home
  • Latest version of sustainable seafood guide 2013, provided by WWF-Hong Kong


  • Far East Media Ltd. appointed as distributor for WOM guide English edition
  • Available in 90+ locations in Hong Kong, including:

    BOOKSTORES: Dymocks, Page One, Bookazine, Hong Kong Book Centre, Kelly & Walsh, Swindon, Joint Publishing, Commercial Press, Jumbo Grade, Popular, Cosmos etc.

    HOTELS: Mandarin Oriental, Grand Hyatt, Island Shangri-la, Le Meridien Cyberport, Langham Place

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What people say about WOM guide

  • "Much more than a rating system, WOM is a guide every gourmet food and wine lover must have to live well and enjoy life in Hong Kong to the fullest!" - Fritz Sommerau, Head of Hospitality Services, Hong Kong Jockey Club
  • "A lovely encyclopaedia of tastes and feelings for a gourmet with a global stomach." - Chip Tsao, Columnist / Broadcaster
  • "WOM has worked with Heep Hong Society on different occations and has helped raise funds for our organization. Their unbiased restaurant guide and constantly updated website are valuable to both locals and tourists who dare jump out of their comfort zone for dining surprises." - Heep Hong Society
  • "What, Chaxiubao needs a guidebook to decide which dining spot to go to?! In a city amash with food guides. The ever smashing WOM Guide is the only restaurant guide I would turn to for dining out ideas. - Josh Tse (food blog: chaxiubao.typepad.com)
  • "The team at WOM came up with a fully repackaged WOM Guide for Top Secret - a page-by-page customized guide with our own corporate branding - which we gave to VIPs as premium. Our customers find the dining guide useful, and are reminded of our brand day-in day-out as they searched for delicacies and dining excitements throughout the year." - Vincent Leung, Executive Director, Top Secret Fashion Concepts Limited
  • "In such a quick-evolving market, a publication such as the WOM Guide is most invaluable. The wonderful thing about WOM is that the readers, everyday folk, are the source of market intelligence. Instead of relying on a few experts, WOM has enlisted an army of traveling and dining and rating experts." - Martin Yan, Chef & Host, TV show "Yan Can Cook"
  • "Easy-to-use grading system…WOM Guide is a handy little book for anyone living in or visiting Hong Kong " - Lifestyle+Travel magazine
  • "A nice little stocking stuffer" - South China Morning Post Sunday magazine
  • "WOM Guide is just the restaurant guide book Hong Kong needs" - The Honourable Selina Chow, GBS, OBE, JP
  • "The WOM team designed a customised jacket cover specifically for Citi…our clients loved it" - Citigroup, Corporate & Investment Banking (HK)
  • "WOM Guide is the restaurant guide for Hong Kong. It is perfect for finding the right venues for client entertainment; everyone on our team uses it." - Sheldon Trainor, Head of Asia Investment Banking, Merrill Lynch
  • "WOM Guide is perfect as an aide memoire if I need inspiration for where to eat…also the unbiased, honest opinions are exactly what I’m after." - Nicholas Pegna, Managing Director, Berry Brothers & Rudd
  • "Robert Walters has been using customized WOM Guides for the last two editions and our clients love them. We look forward to the (next) edition of WOM Guide." - Shane Sibraa, Managing Director, Robert Walters
  • "Simmons & Simmons has had a huge demand for our WOM Guide, with it being snapped up on all the occasions we’ve made it available to our contacts." - Paul Li, Managing Partner, Simmons & Simmons
  • 「這本書絕不適合屋邨師奶,或一些到百佳、惠康揀不貸,或喜歡到深圳買A貨的人。香港旅遊發展局假若是醒目的話,應用《WOM》來吸引旅客,可惜他們沒有我們那麼醒目呢,醒目女、醒目仔,必讀的飲食天書。」- 蘇絲黃
  • 「香港是美食天堂,選擇繁多,要食得好坐得舒服,一本集合千多名港人評分的飲食指南,可提供不少貼士。」- 星島日報
  • 「一本反映現今飲食潮流,又易於採用的參考手冊。」- 明報周刊
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