Plant-based milks available in Hong Kong to help you go dairy-free

by: Rachelle Ma
02 Jun 2020

So, you’re ready to give the dairy-free lifestyle a try but are unsure where to start. Once found only in small corners of organic health stores, plant-based milks are everywhere now with an option for everyone. Still, there are things you might want to consider before you ditch the cow and embrace the plant-based method. As you decide which type to go for, here are the plant-based milk you can buy in Hong Kong now. 

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Vitasoy soya milk

High in protein, soya milk is the original purveyor of the plant-based lifestyle and beloved by anyone who went vegan or vegetarian ahead of the curve. Soya milk has a velvety smooth consistency and is also available in vanilla and chocolate flavours. It’s also a drink anyone who grew up in Hong Kong will know well, with the local brand Vitasoy particularly sparking up childhood nostalgia. What you might not know is that Vitasoy’s since expanded to a range of drinks included Cafe for Baristas (HK$36), soya milk made specifically for brewing coffee. The brand’s formula creates fine micro-foam, perfect for a frothy cup of energy in the mornings. 

Vitasoy, available on HKTV Mall; www.vitasoy.com

Oatly oat milk

You won’t have to look far to find Oatly’s ubiquitous packaging in your local supermarket or hipster cafe. Arguably the first brand to bring the hype on drinking oats to the Asian market, Oatly’s distinguished itself from its competitors with a commitment to sustainability. The brand’s Barista edition (HK$37) is also a favourite amongst baristas everywhere and for good reason too, since the oats are just the right combination of sweetness without tasting artificial or excessively heavy. 

Oatly, available at Green Common, www.oatly.hk

Pure Harvest rice milk 

For those with a nut allergy, plant-based eating habits aren’t completely out of the window. Rice milk is a great alternative for those with intolerance to dairy and nut products, though it’s said to be low on protein so those choosing this milk will want to supplement their diet with other protein-heavy foods. Compared with oat milk or soya milk, rice milk tastes milder, with a wheat aftertaste. In Hong Kong, you can purchase Pure Harvest’s Organic Rice Milk (HK$33), an Australian-made rice drink containing whole brown rice and sunflower oil. 

Pure Harvest, available on Park n Shop; https://pureharvest.com.au/

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Califia Farms Almond Milk 

Another brand that’s made a name for itself as a key player in the plant-based milk scene, Califia Farms carries a range of almond milk drinks ranging from Barista blends, probiotic yoghurt drinks, and cold brew coffees for those who don’t usually self-brew. Almond milk’s popularity means you can usually find it in a variety of flavours. The unsweetened drink (HK$55) is also the least caloric amongst the list with a subtle and naturally sweet flavour. 

Califia Farms available on Green Common, www.califiafarms.com

Milk Lab macadamia milk 

While nut milks require large amounts of water to produce, making it not the most sustainable plant-based drink, macadamia nuts can be sourced where water isn’t as scarce. Formulated especially for espressos and coffees, Milk Lab is one brand you can get in Hong Kong perfect for home baristas. Besides macadamia (HK$46), Milk Lab also carries almond milk, coconut milk and lactose-free milks for those not completely ready to ditch the taste of latte made with whole milk. 

Milk Lab available at The Store Hong Kong; www.milklabco.com