Best coffee beans for home brewing in Hong Kong

by: Rachelle Ma
21 Jul 2020

As we reenter lockdown, there’s no reason you can’t still look forward to your morning coffee. While we’re all accustomed to spending a small fortune on iced lattes at artisanal cafes, it’s actually quite simple to brew your own coffee at home. Here are the best picks for coffee beans that deliver to your homes:


Did you know Hong Kong’s very own NOC coffee, which we’re often singing the praises of here at WOM, has it’s own packaged coffee blends you can take home? While there’s many to pick from, we recommend the No. 18 House Blend (HK $120). A rich mouthfeel and with nutty notes, this espresso blend is as the name suggests, the blend NOC uses in its coffee drinks. 


Hazel and Hershey’s 

If you’re looking to support local businesses, Hazel and Hershey’s is another great coffee shop that carries it’s own coffee beans for sale. It’s an uphill walk to the actual coffee shop, so the delivery option is looking just as good, if not better. With over four regions of coffee beans to choose from, from Africa, Asia to Central America and more, you’re bound to find coffee beans to work to your taste. Hazel and Hershey’s also carry blends of roasted beans as well as other tools you’ll need to set up your at-home brewing station. 


Stumptown Coffee 

Stumped for suggestions? Roasted in Oregon and New York, Stumptown Coffee is a household name in the US with locations in NYC, LA, Seattle and Chicago as well as other coffee shops around the US who use their beans to brew their drinks. Stumptown’s beans will give you that quintessential flavour of a cup of American coffee, which you might not find in HK! You can place an order internationally and expect a freshly sealed bag of amazing coffee beans. 


Bulletproof Coffee 

For the keto crazy, you may be familiar with Bulletproof Coffee by now. Years ago it became the drink of athletes and Ceos, promising an energy-igniting drink that could replace breakfast. Bulletproof Coffee the company now carries its own beans for those who’d like to make this keto-friendly coffee at the comfort of their own home. 


18 Grams Speciality Coffee 

Now with multiple branches across Hong Kong, 18 Grams was originally a small espresso bar tucked in Causeway Bay, managed by a world-class barista judge. 18 Grams’ online shop carries beans from popular regions such as Brazil and Columbia as well as some new ones in Yemen or Bali. 



Aching for a cup of Japanese coffee? Travelling may still be off the table for now, but with the delivery options, you can still imagine yourself transported to a little coffee shoop in Japan. Karasu, which is ‘to live’ in Japanese, is an online coffee ware shop specialising in Japanese coffee products. Karasu sells a variety of coffee beans as well as coffee drip bags. The Karasu House Blend, in particular, is great for pour-overs. Roasted in Kyoto twice a week, they ship internationally in order for you to enjoy your freshly roasted cup of coffee.