A classic Chinese culinary journey at Full House Chinese Seafood Restaurant

We walked into the dimly lit Full House Chinese Seafood restaurant with hungry bellies and high expectations. Little did we realise that not only would our expectations be met, but also exceeded at this gem of a restaurant in the middle of Whampoa Gardens.

For someone who hasn’t set foot in Whampoa, the neighbourhood can be a bit tricky to navigate. Thankfully, with the help of amiable locals in the area and our dear friends at Google Maps, we found the restaurant in just a few minutes. Located inside Nine Seafood Place, the walk from the entrance of the building to the restaurant was refreshingly pleasant and peaceful for a Thursday afternoon. After all, a few years of living in the hubbub of Hong Kong can give you a new appreciation for calm, quiet surroundings.

After being seated by the friendly, welcoming host, we couldn’t help but notice the dark hardwood floors perfectly complementing the light grey wallpaper, and elegant dark chairs around circular tables with crisp white tablecloths, giving the room a clean, yet traditional feel. What’s truly impressive is that the restaurant is designed with a great sense of space - a rectangular dining hall with plenty of room for guests and servers to move around, unlike most traditional Chinese restaurants where space is relatively cramped.

We started our meal with char siu pork, a Chinese-style BBQ pork. The juicy, tender meat comes with an ever-so-slight char on the outside, served with traditional Chinese sauce. The hint of its delicately sweet aftertaste made it one of the best char siu pork we’ve had in awhile.

Next, we tried the deep-fried dumplings, a tasty mixture of pork and mushrooms covered with a rice shell and deep-fried to perfection. The crispy outside of the rice shell went well with its soft interiors, while the fillings added to the texture of the dish.

We also tried the deep fried tofu, and could not stop ourselves from going for more. Small, square pieces of tofu are fried in a special batter until they turn golden-yellow. The first bite gives you the crunch of the batter, which then turns into soft, melt-in-your-mouth tofu. For those of you who like a little spicy kick, dipping these little cubes into some hot chilli sauce is highly recommended.

Next came the crispy skin chicken, one of the signature dishes of the restaurant. Staying true to its name, the half chicken (also available as a full portion) comes with perfectly crispy skin, and tender pieces of flavourful white and dark chicken meat.

Then came the signature emperor crab with rice vermicelli noodles. After fidgeting with our chopsticks to open the partially broken shell, the servers politely brought us some forks, knives and crab crackers. The soft, fresh, slightly sweet crab meat well-complemented the savoury rice vermicelli noodles, and is a must-try signature dish at Full House.

Even though were quite stuffed, we truly believe there is always room for sweet treats, so we had to try the special desserts. We ordered the 1000-layer egg drop cake, made with tiers of egg yolk and sweet coconut between layers of steamed flour. The saltiness of the egg yolk, combined with the nutty sweetness of coconut and the baozi-like texture of the steamed flour made this dish the perfect ending to a great meal.

Full House Chinese Seafood restaurant successfully creates a family-friendly dining experience in a spacious setting, located in an up-and-coming yet laid-back neighborhood. By introducing the finest traditional signature dishes, innovative appetisers and dim sum at perfectly reasonable prices, Full House takes its guests on a traditional Chinese culinary journey that will surely exceed expectations.

Najuka Redkar

Restaurant Details
Shop 6 and 7, Nine Seafood Place, Whampoa Garden, Site 9, 8 Tak Fung Street, Hung Hom
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