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5 (unlikely) summer dishes that beat the heat
Date Published : 29 May 2018

Picture a hot summer's day and chances are there’s an icy dessert there somewhere.

Yet beating the heat means more than diving straight for a cold dish or drink. Consider, here, five dishes from around the world that satiate summer cravings and bring relief to this simmering weather.

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Khanom Chin
There are pinacoladas, and then there is khanom chin, a Thai rice noodle dish typically served with coconut milk and, in the case of this Queen’s Kitchen Ayutaya Khanom Chin Sao Nan, pineapples. It’s refreshing with a bit of a peppery bite, and this edition also comes with other toppings: fish cakes, coriander root, ginger. Queen's Kitchen, VIP Commercial Centre, 16/F, Canton Rd, Tsim Sha Tsui; 2992 0111;

Tomato and strawberry gazpacho - a Spanish cold soup blend of tomatoes and strawberries - easily spells summer, and it’s even better poured on a serving of burrata cheese and basil. Gazpacho with a twist, this dish is available on Comptoir’s latest menu of summer offerings. 42 Forbes St., Kennedy Town; 2453 9873;

Bun Cha
We love our pho, but come summertime it’s the Vietnamese bun cha we crave. Rice noodles with grilled pork - or other meats - and a drizzling of sweet and sour fish sauce, bun cha makes for a light, savoury comfort dish in the summer. Bun Cha, Shop 1, G/F, King Ho Building, Aberdeen St, Sheung Wan; 2858 1900

The citrusy flavours of Peru’s national dish make it a perfect pairing with the heat, with notes of lime and lemon bringing a nice kick to raw fish. At Uma Nota, one ceviche rendition brings together scallops, coconut milk, orange juice, red chilli, coriander and mint - all the makings of summer on the palate. There’s a vegetarian option too, featuring brown button, portobello, oyster, shiitake and enoki mushrooms, plus palm hearts, red onion, tomato, morones salsa, avocado and nori. 38 Peel St, Central; 2889 7576;

Cold borscht
Borscht, beetroot soup typically cooked with meat stock and a varying host of ingredients like cabbage, onions, tomatoes, is a popular Eastern European dish. Served either hot or cold, Dacha’s cold version is a timely complement to this simmering weather, with sour notes heaping on an extra zing. G/F, Wing On Building, 38-40 Hollywood Rd, Central; 2420 3555;

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