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Best dim sum restaurants to go with your family
Date Published : 27 Sep 2017

WOM recommends: har gao, quail egg with pork & shrimp
With eight private rooms and the backdrop of the Victoria Harbour, Dynasty is the perfect place for bigger family gatherings. Dynasty focuses on authentic old recipes and their dim sum is no different. Their har gao is soft, satisfyingly chewy texture with juicy morsels of shrimp. Their quail egg with pork & shrimp is unmissable. 3rd Floor, Renaissance Harbour View Hotel Hong Kong,No. 1 Harbour Road, Wan Chai, 2802 8888;

Maxim’s Palace
WOM recommends: Mini egg tarts, char siu bao
Yes, this place gets pretty crowded and can get noisy, but it’s all part of the charm, Maxim’s has been an icon of family-style dim sum for many. It’s also one of the few places that still have those nostalgic dim sum trolleys being paraded around the restaurant ready to order. The best part is the dessert carts, with the colourful array easily shown through the see-through pulleys. Many will vouch for their amazing egg tarts and char siu bao. 2/F, City Hall, 5-7 Edinburgh Place, Central; 2521 1303;

Xia Fei Society
WOM recommends: Braised lion's head meatballs, xiao long bao
This large restaurant is perfectly suited to banquets, serving up a range of classic Shanghainese dishes. The menu includes dim sum, crispy golden pastries, bubbling casseroles, dried seafood dishes, desserts and more. Their xiao long baos have an amazingly thin wrapper, while their other dim sums, in particular, their deep-fried crispy ones are absolutely moreish. 4/F, Century Square, 1 – 13 D’Aguilar Street, 2522 7611; Lung Heen
WOM recommends: Baked middle east Yoshihara abalone puff, barbecued Iberian pork with honey
On the 102nd floor of Hong Kong’s tallest building is this elegant Chinese restaurant. It’s designed with high ceilings, dark woods, floor-to-ceiling windows and a three-tiered chandelier. Every table is afforded an incredible view. Their dim sum menu boasts some of the best versions of dim sum favourites such as the turnip cake, siu mai as well as luxurious options such as their Baked middle east Yoshihara abalone puff and their Steamed glutinous rice with abalone and foie gras. Since you’re there, you might as well order a plate of their much-loved barbecued Iberian pork with honey… totally unmissable. International Commerce Centre (ICC), 1 Austin Road West, Tsim Sha Tsui; Tang
WOM recommends: steamed lobster dumpling
For those looking for great views and luxurious surroundings, China Tang is a great place to go. Known for their beautifully designed upholstered chairs, antique chandeliers, and embroidered wall decor, China Tang is the place to go to impress. They have a great array of dim sum as well including their luxurious steamed lobster dumpling and the more familiar steamed beef balls wrapped with tofu sheet. They also have an ‘evening dim sum’ dining option that started early this year. 411-413, 15 Queen's Road Central, Central, 2522 2148;

Ying Jee Club
WOM recommends: Mini baked char siu bao with pineapple bun topping

Stepping inside the woodsy and cosy upstairs dining room of Ying Jee is a familiar experience. Their dim sum menu is ambitious, with a selection of more than 20 types of dim sum including some new combinations such as Spring Rolls with Crab and Shrimp, and a Vegetable Dumpling with Truffle as well as a sublime A9 Wagyu Rice Flour Rolls. Most of these creations aim at using high-end ingredients without sacrificing their comfort food allure. What stole our hearts was the mini baked char siu bao with pineapple bun topping. Soft and chewy brioche-like texture with a slightly sweet crunchy crust, filled with a burst of char siu umami. Shop G05, 107-108, Nexxus Building, 41 Connaught Road, Central, 2801 6882;

Fu Sing Seafood Restaurant
WOM recommends: Char siu bun 
Famed for its char siu, which is succulent, tender and perfectly charred, this meat dish is a must-order at Fu Sing. Other noteworthy dishes include the steamed crab in rice wine with egg custard, as well as the same char siu used in the most buttery of pastries- the char siu bun- the latter dish is available for dim sum lunch and can be pre-ordered for dinner as well. All branches are popular and if you don’t get a private room, it can get rather crowded and noisy, especially with the lunch crowds. 1/F, Sunshine Plaza, 353 Lockhart Road, Wan Chai, 2893 0881;

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