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Georgeanna Mok  


Georgeanna Mok, winner of a recent weekly competition to send in the most reviews is a big fan of Asian cuisines. She tells us about her favourite restaurants and the dishes she indulges in when she visits them, and where to go for romance.

What do you like most about the website?

No b.s., it's in English and commentators seem genuine. 

Which restaurant in Hong Kong is your favourite?

Wow, it honestly depends what I want to eat! For Southeast Asian, Lian. For Chinese, Sha Tin 18. For Japanese, Tokoro.

Which dish do you always order at your favourite restaurant?

Hmm.... Butter grilled lobster at Lian; Peking Duck, Beef Noodles and Portuguese Egg Tarts at Sha Tin 18; Udon or Inaniwa Udon Noodles (served in hot broth) at Tokoro. 

Which restaurant would you recommend for a romantic occasion?

Depends, really! For somewhere with impeccable service and consistent quality L'Atelier de Joel Robuchon. For somewhere fresh, hip and fun, Busy Suzie. 

Where did you have dinner last night and what did you eat?

I had a Chinese dinner at HKU Alumni Association in LKF. We had...Pig's Lung and Almond Soup, Lotus Leaf Rice, Deep Fried Crispy Chicken, Young Ginger with Sweet and Sour Pork, Pan-fried Pomfret, Preserved Beancurd with Assorted Chinese Vegetables, Spinach with Assorted Duck Eggs and...Almond and Sesame sweet soups for dessert! 


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