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Editor's Blog March 10 | 11.03.2010

Before Chinese New Year, I helped LEAP Studio develop the module 'Meet the Food Critic'. LEAP Studio is an after-school learning centre that provides opportunities for children to polish their presentation and English writing skills through relevant real-life experiences. I was part of the creation...

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Editor's Blog February 10 | 11.02.2010

Many people go through post-holidays syndrome and follow various detox plans. Conventional and unconventional plans flood google searches. The more commonly heard ones are: the liver-flush regiment, the stay-sober-no-alcohol week, and the no-carbs-till-that-pair-of-jeans-fits challenge.....

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Editor's Blog January 10 | 21.01.2010

Anyone who went to boarding school in the UK can testify how horrible brussel sprouts are. Those frozen green balls were overcooked and bland, and don’t even get me started on the smell. I had thought I would never let another one of those get past my lips until I had a taste of the fresh ones in...

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Editor's Blog December 09 | 10.12.2009

'Tis the season to be jolly. There are many things for people to celebrate at the end of the year. For us at WOM, aside from feeling rather relieved that WOM guide's latest edition is in print, it is also a time to cherish the fabulous ingredients from all over the world that are available at this t...

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Editor's Blog November 09 | 13.11.2009

October is the busiest time of the year for us at WOM as it is the month that we start editing your reviews in preparation for the new WOM guide. October is also the beginning of a busy eating season. Now that the weather is finally getting cooler (with the emphasis on finally), we can look forward...

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Editor's Blog October 09 | 08.10.2009

"Wanna double pig?" As an avid fan of everything pork, I recently had the pleasure of indulging in several suckling pigs in a very short time span. In particular, the highlight of this pork-fest was two stuffed suckling pigs, Canto-style, in two consecutive dinners; coincidentally organised by tw...

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Editor's Blog September 09 | 10.09.2009

I love mooncakes. I have always loved them. In fact, I used to take a small piece with me to school when I was little, so when others munched on their Oreos during recess, I would savour my mooncake. The lotus paste would stick to my teeth and I would be thirsty afterwards, but it was always satisfy...

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Editor's Blog August 09 | 13.08.2009

For mushroom lovers, if late-May denotes the arrival of summer truffles, then now is the start of the Matsutake (pine mushrooms) season. Matsutake is so named because it grows in Japanese red pine forests. It is dark brown in colour, with a meaty stem, and can measure up to 25cm in height and width....

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Editor's Blog July 09 | 09.07.2009

Sometimes the worst thing about going to a wedding reception is the food they serve - course after course of greasy, lukewarm food, served at such intervals that you are too hungry to resist; just cut the cake already! Recently, however I went to a wedding (at Wynn Hotel in Macau) and willingly p...

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Editor's Blog June 09 | 11.06.2009

Everything, including quantum physics, is fun until you have to study for it! My passion for wines recently landed me a scholarship to study for the advanced level of the WSET (Wine & Spirit Education Trust) course. The initial excitement was intoxicating. It was, after all, my first scholarship in...

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Editor's Blog May 09 | 14.05.2009

I don't know many people who like green peas. In my mind they are green mushy (albeit very nutritious) globs that are often served at dining-hall school dinners. The Shanghainese use only fresh ones and cook them quickly, retaining their sweet taste and slightly crunchy texture. Those are delicious...

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Editor's Blog April 09 | 16.04.2009

Jamie Oliver cooked for the delegates of G20 this month, highlighting the best of British food. The main course was shoulder of lamb from North Wales. It is a pity they......

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Editor's Blog March 09 | 12.03.2009

My obsession with crabs escalated to a high point during my recent trip to Singapore. Chilli crabs combine the sweetness of the Sri Lankan crab and the spiciness of the sauce - which is best moped up with.........

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Editor's Blog February 09 | 12.02.2009

FEBRUARY 09 - On my recent trip to the US, I sampled three very different steakhouses. Donovan's is allegedly the best steakhouse in San Diego. The rich mahogany interior and dim lighting exude old-school charm, and the menu is just old fashion. The Cut in Las Vegas, on the other hand, boasts a ......

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Editor's Blog January 09 | 08.01.2009

Kyushu, the southern-most large island to make up the Japanese archipelago, is without question a gastronomic gold mine. I have just indulged in a few days of pleasure eating on the island......

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Editor's Blog December 08 | 11.12.2008

When 9 out of 10 people are depressed due to the economy, a decadent meal designed by Michelin-star chef Mauro Uliasi at Domani might provide a bit of joy. I said designed because Uliasi is merely the brainchild behind the menu and he doesn't actually do the cooking. Domani is......

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Editor's Blog November 08 | 13.11.2008

A trip to Yuen Long recently yielded a discovery of a tiny shop front called Dong Kong that serves incredibly delicious chicken. Tucked in an alley, the chairs and tables are "al fresco" in front of every closed shop in the vicinity. How they make the chicken is a closely guarded state-secret, but t...

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Editor's Blog October 08 | 09.10.2008

The talented Richard Ekkebus from Amber has outdone himself again with the new autumn menu. Of the new creations, the salmon confit was the most impressive dish. The Tasmanian salmon was given the smoke treatment at the table and served warm. It was luscious and moist, with a very faint smoky taste....

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Editor's Blog September 08 | 11.09.2008

With the closing of the Olympic Games, duck farmers in China can finally take a break. Not only is Peking Duck a signature dish in Beijing cuisine, it also topped the list of popular dishes at the Olympic Village, which doubled their daily order just to meet demand. Quanjude and Dadong are some o...

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Editor's Blog August 08 | 14.08.2008

Dumplings! A staple food in Northern China, where they are consumed by the catty and available for as little as RMB5/catty. Fillings range from pork or lamb, to various kinds of veggies, or combos of both, wrapped in a thick skin and dipped in a dark vinegar; they make superb comfort food......

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Editor's Blog July 08 | 10.07.2008

Summer has always been our favourite time of the year and in recent years, doubly so. Summer is when we start compiling your restaurant reviews. As foodies, reading comments from you is the tastiest amuse bouche. WOM Guide 2009 will be out at the end of this year......

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Editor's Blog June 08 | 12.06.2008

Round, smooth, and a little fruity...examine the colour, and smell before taking a sip. Most of us do that with wine, but tea connoisseurs do the same with tea. The recent tea-pairing dinner with Ming Cha's Vivian Mak was an eye-opening and not to mention, very sober experience. Each dish was paire...

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Editor's Blog May 08 | 08.05.2008

Congee has never been one of my favourites, having grown up associating it as food for when I am sick. I recently came down with food poisoning (an occupational hazard!), and was confined to nothing but the white goo for a week. However, helplessness led to a reformed view, with the discovery of......

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Editor's Blog April 08 | 09.04.2008

After reading our members' mixed reviews about Pierre last year, rang- ing from "flawless" to "too quirky", I had decided to give it a miss. That is, until my food buddie, L, told me it's one of his favourite restaurants and dragged me there last week. Granted, the ambiance is barely saved by......

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