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The First Dip: Pizzeria Pubblico  


We talk about food trends a lot, and last year it's been Ramen all the way - pork bone soup vs chicken soup vs a combination of pork and chicken. Then again everything within the bowl sparks competition all on its own, creating the buzz for each ramen shop favorited by many. In no time, ramen became the hot property that attracts business and the most notorious of all, long queues of hopefuls dying to have a bowl of the priced noodles. But the wave of food trend doesn't stop for anything. Riding along comes Pizza, and not just any pizza, not bread slices stacked with as many toppings as you like, but once with good-quality toppings that can shine through crisp pizza base simply flavored with tomatoes and cheese. Enter "Pizzeria Pubblico", operated by the same masterminds behind Posto Pubblico and Linguini Fini, now open for business, serving New York style pizzas in the middle of Soho's dining neighborhood.

Manning the kitchen at Pizzeria Pubblico are Chefs Vinny Lauria and Josh Chu from the Posto Pubblico group of restaurants. Both Lauria and Chu take turns in the kitchens among all the three restaurants in the group. The chefs' split attention did not, however, alter the quality of the pizzas dishes up by the new pizzeria. Specializing in New York Style Pizza, known for a pizza crust that is thin and crisp while sturdy enough to hold the pizza's toppings without collapsing. The rim of the pizza is slightly folded and also crisp.

Among a selection of 4 pizza varieties, we opted for 2 of the more special ones. The PUBBLICO features tomato and basil - the perfect partners of Italian cuisine as the sauce lining the base. With a sprinkling of Ricotta and house-made Mozzarella cheese, the filling is gooey with cheese, but the crust remains crisp like a biscuit, thanks to the use of high-gluten flour that binds the dough together during the high blast of heat in the oven.

Another variety is the BROOKLYN, featuring a fine selection of filling including breaded eggplant slices, roasted garlic cloves and roasted bell peppers. The sweetness from these roasted vegetables give sweeter taste to the pizza, making it lighter on the palate than the other cheesier varieties.

While pizzas are the main star at Pizzeria Pubblico, a dessert like the Cannoli is not as out-of-place as it sounds. Tracy Wei, the group's pastry chef, reinvents the classic dessert featuring the signature deep-fried pastry cone with both ends dipping in chocolate and chopped pistachios. The filling, rich with ricotta, chocolate chips and fresh orange zest, is basically a cheesecake all on its own. The ricotta filling is light and fluffy, and lightly sweet, making it a good option for dessert after a round of pizza. Pizzeria Pubblico also serves salads and sandwiches, and the pizzeria aims to start delivery soon.



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