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The First Dip  


The First Dip: Tiger Curry | 24.04.2014

The First Dip: Tiger Curry

It has all come back to Causeway Bay, the wave of new openings this season, as we start with a much anticipated concept from Satoru Mukogawa of Sushi Kuu and the creative visionaries behind Socialito and Lily & Bloom. Tiger Curry opens just recently and it has garnered praises from foodies alike. We...

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The First Dip: Upper Modern Bistro | 24.10.2013

The First Dip: Upper Modern Bistro

Sheung Wan is the up and coming dining destination, and the food scene has grown faster than Tai Hang and Kennedy Town. At every street corner there seems to be eateries blooming. Staking claim of this new neighborhood is Upper Modern Bistro, a contemporary French bistro brought to us by chef and ow...

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The First Dip: Pico | 11.06.2013

The First Dip: Pico

We took a dip into Pico, the new Spanish place that opened in Tsim Sha Tsui East last week. That’s right, it is Spanish cuisine, and we seemed to hear, in the back of our minds, a collective groan saying “Spanish? Again??”. Indeed, the cuisine that popularized Sangria and Paella has made a mark in t...

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The First Dip: LARIS Contemporary Dining | 19.12.2012

The First Dip: LARIS Contemporary Dining

Years in Shanghai and numerous culinary-related projects later, chef David Laris has geared up and ready to give it a go in Hong Kong, with his passion for the contemporary approach of cooking. Serving dishes comprised of colorful elements from the International food world, LARIS Contemporary Dining...

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The First Dip: L'altro | 22.08.2012

The First Dip: L'altro

There is never a dull moment in the Central dining scene. Restaurants keep opening (and to some unfortunate ones, closing) and new concepts present themselves as novelties -- be it a new cuisine for novelty, or a twist of the classics. We foodies are often drawn towards the sparkling new restaurant...

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The First Dip: Lab Made | 25.07.2012

The First Dip: Lab Made

You've seen it made on TV. The addition of liquid nitrogen in the creation of ice cream, turning liquid custard into putty-textured frozen dessert within seconds. It is a cool technique to look at, but a shop dedicated only to the ice cream made with liquid nitrogen? There's a new shop opened in Tai...

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The First Dip: Blue Butcher | 23.05.2012

The First Dip: Blue Butcher

When rumour spread that the boys behind ‘PLAY’ are opening a restaurant focusing on steaks and chops, it quickly became “They are opening a Steakhouse”. That couldn’t be more wrong. Blue Butcher is not a steakhouse, at least it doesn’t feel like one. Located on Hollywood Road near the Sheung Wan en...

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The First Dip: Lupa | 02.04.2012

The First Dip: Lupa

For those who don't know Mario Batali, he is one of the most recognised chefs working in the US and a popular television personality. You know, the guy in orange crocs and baggy shorts, with a ponytail. He joined forces with Joe Bastianich to open restaurants all over the US and Lupa is the first Ho...

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The First Dip: The Principal | 08.12.2011

The First Dip: The Principal

The Principal. Does that term send shivers down your spine? Whether you were a good student or not back in your school days, not many enjoyed going to the principal's office. Until now. Another addition to Press Room Group this year is The Principal, the highest end establishment the group has ever...

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The First Dip - Kushiyaki Beco | 21.09.2011

The First Dip - Kushiyaki Beco

After the massive earthquake and tsunami in Japan in March, the business for some Japanese restaurants in Hong Kong suffered. However, being Hong Kongers’ favourite cuisine, that was short-lived. We saw the opening of many Japanese restaurants in the past few months, including ramen joints, tonkatsu...

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