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The Art of Food  


Food with Heart | 21.02.2011

Food with Heart

In my last article I spoke of my desire to have food that is food, but what does that mean to me? At the moment I crave simple, honest, down-to-earth meals; comfort food. For me that means something that warms the heart, makes you smile and certainly makes you want to go back for a second helping. I...

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Enough Fashion; I Want Food! | 08.02.2011

Enough Fashion; I Want Food!

Almost a year ago now I sat here and waxed lyrical about how food and the ‘fine dining experience’ has so much affiliation with art. Perhaps at that point it did, for me, have an affiliation; and I was able to persuade you to a certain degree that it was true. Well, things have changed, as they alwa...

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Mastering Stocks | 09.11.2010

Mastering Stocks

Last month we looked at basic chicken stock which can be used to enhance many dishes. In this month's article I'll cover Asian master stock which has a more specific use. I'll also touch on fish and vegetable stock....

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Stock: The Backbone of a Good Meal | 01.09.2010

Stock: The Backbone of a Good Meal

I thought this month I would do something different. I’ve decided that we need a rest from theorising about food and get down to some practical applications. It’s time for a cooking class....

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Is Food Really Art? | 19.07.2010

Is Food Really Art?

I have presumed so far in this column that food can be considered art. Am I wrong? Should food instead be considered as ‘craft’ or is it neither...is it just food?...

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Site Specifics | 04.06.2010

Site Specifics

I think of the plate like an installation space. Sometimes the plate is rudimentary, like for non site-specific installations. It serves a purpose and is the host for the experience but really it could be substituted with any other....

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Who the Hell Am I and What the Hell Am I Doing Here? | 14.04.2010

Who the Hell Am I and What the Hell Am I Doing Here?

I'm an ex-chef and an ex-artist, although one could say you never stop being either. Case in point, writing could be construed as a form of art, or at least creative in its origin....

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