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Simple Pleasures  


Eat, Drink, Love Hong Kong | 24.08.2011

Eat, Drink, Love Hong Kong

After spending nearly two months away from HK, being such a local hound, I’ve been bitten by HK’s local (food) bug on my return. I craved those foods that scream HK, non-replicable foods that you can’t get in any Chinatown around the world, foods that HK does better than anywhere else in this univer...

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Herbal Teas for Summer | 07.06.2011

Herbal Teas for Summer

Summer's here and the humidity has risen to unbearable levels. Our bodies feel heavy, our joints and muscles are sore, we feel hot and exhausted. According to Chinese Medicine, these are the consequences summer's hot and damp weather has on our bodies. Carrying over from one of my earlier articles,...

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Taipei Food Trek Extraordinaire | 11.05.2011

Taipei Food Trek Extraordinaire

This past Labour Day long weekend was spent in Taipei, a trip that consisted of non-stop gorging from the moment we woke up. On my must-eat list was Taiwanese Beef Noodles, Yung He Sticky Rice and Soy Milk, Jun Yue Pai Gu (Jun Yue's Porkchop), Raohe Night Market's pepper beef cakes, Night Market sna...

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A Foodie's Journal | 08.04.2011

A Foodie's Journal

This month I wanted to share with you some top picks from my food journal for March. An unintentional theme revealed itself - my noshing had leaned towards reliable I-know-best foods, foods that’ll never let me down or have me guessing. Food that I can rely on to attain foodie's bliss....

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In the Mood for Brunch | 07.03.2011

In the Mood for Brunch

The long awaited moment has finally arrived. Time to whip off all those heavy sweaters and boots, and finally bring out the snazzy shades again. The temperatures have finally risen to a comfortable level, and what better way to start the weekend than by having an endless lunch (more commonly called...

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Flavours of Cambodia | 17.02.2011

Flavours of Cambodia

I've taken a little breather from Hong Kong this month, spending four action-packed days in Siem Reap for our annual CNY hideaway. Besides the breathtaking visit at Angkor Wat and other spectacular sites, local foods were just as important to me to complete the entire Cambodian experience....

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Winter Extravaganza | 18.01.2011

Winter Extravaganza

It’s a winter extravaganza this month as my current craving is for anything that makes me feel warm and fuzzy. As the temperature drops, our palate favours things that are a bit more fatty and piping hot. Things that come straight to mind would be a bubbling Hotpot with fatty beef and twenty plates...

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Hitting the Sweet Spot(s) | 18.11.2010

Hitting the Sweet Spot(s)

We've finally broken loose from the many months of torturous heat and humidity. And as our wardrobe shifts, so does our palate, craving for foods that are a little more wholesome and fuzzy. My autumn frenzy involves things that are sweet and sometimes wildly innovative - Hong Kong confections. A...

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Eggstasy | 21.10.2010


Not to be a bore, but I come back to eggs this month. Despite my first Simple Pleasures feature being devoted to comforting HK-style egg sandwiches and brekkie, this much loved ingredient deserves another article, and perhaps another standing ovation....

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Hong Kong Bums | 28.09.2010

Hong Kong Bums

You may be intrigued by the headline for this article, Hong Kong Bums. I hope I do not disappoint, but this month’s story is not about the behinds of my fellow HK counterparts, but of those succulent, juicy bums that are, well, for purchase....

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Shanghai - The Real Deal | 30.08.2010

Shanghai - The Real Deal

I take you to Shanghai this month where I recently spent five horridly hot days basking and eating my heart out. Shanghai is special to me, it's where my mother's parents were from before they came to Hong Kong....

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Fro Yo - Guilt Free or Sinful Treat? | 02.08.2010

Fro Yo - Guilt Free or Sinful Treat?

Hong Kong has been hit by the fro yo (frozen yoghurt) bug with frozen yoghurt shops sprouting up all over. I’m caught up in this trend myself. Spoiling myself with this healthy dessert every now and then. But is it really what it's cracked up to be, most importantly, is it really guilt free?...

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The Benefits of Chinese Herbal Teas, Fact or Fiction? | 17.06.2010

The Benefits of Chinese Herbal Teas, Fact or Fiction?

I don’t know if it’s brainwashing at a tender age, but somehow my Mum telling me, "Drink this, it will give you good lungs, will make you brighter, or give you nicer skin," has stuck with me....

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An Egg Lover’s Paradise | 20.05.2010

An Egg Lover’s Paradise

One very significant local cuisine to Hongkongers (and simple pleasures of mine), past and present, is the Egg and Ham Sandwich, Fried Eggs and Ham with Buttered Toast, and Cha Sui Macaroni/Spaghetti in soup phenomenon....

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