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To Veg or Not To Veg | 20.03.2012

To Veg or Not To Veg

When you’ve grown up in a meat-and-two-veg kind of family it takes quite a 180 to go beet-and-two-veg – unless you’re captivated by an ethical reason, for example like not wanting innocent animals to suffer, or helping reduce the strain carnivores are putting on the world’s eco-system. Or if, like A...

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More-ganic | 08.08.2011


There’s a lot of organic too-ing and fro-ing these days. Farmers, supermarkets, chefs, consumers – it seems everyone has an opinion on whether organic is worth investing in as a crop, a product, an ingredient or a dish. For me it’s simple; when you eat organic, vegetables in particular, you realise...

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Feast or Famine? | 27.07.2011

Feast or Famine?

Food home delivery for anything other than a takeaway is a mission for me. Not just because I live on my own in an old Chinese walk up so there’s no doorman to sign if I’m not here, but also because I have a pint sized fridge with a tiny shelf freezer that’s only got space for the essentials - ice a...

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Eating Healthfully Post-Retreat – Mission Impossible? | 20.04.2011

Eating Healthfully Post-Retreat – Mission Impossible?

I recently spent three days doing a newly launched detox retreat in Phuket that’s centred around drinking, breathing and relaxing, three things I previously thought I was already expert at. But it turns out that the drinking was copious amounts of specially prepared juices five times a day, the brea...

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Spa Cuisine with an Angel and a Devil | 16.11.2010

Spa Cuisine with an Angel and a Devil

The great thing about going to a spa is that you know you're doing yourself some good. Well, mostly. Because in fact the ratio of therapy versus pampering can vary, and surprisingly widely....

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Kebabs are Healthy! | 19.08.2010

Kebabs are Healthy!

When I’ve had too much to drink I have an automatic brain app that kicks in; the kebab app – or should that be keb-app? It’s not a conscious decision, not many of them are at that time of night (or rather morning). So you can imagine my excitement when I heard that kebabs were part of an innovative...

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To Eat or Not To Eat | 21.06.2010

To Eat or Not To Eat

Everyone loves Japanese food. Especially sushi and sashimi. With an emphasis on raw fish, they are a spring clean on a wooden tray — or conveyor belt — the epitome of fresh, beautiful and healthy. Or are they?...

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Salad Wars | 19.05.2010

Salad Wars

It seemed like forever that quick and easy, freshly made salads for lunch were hard to find in Hong Kong. Mix was an option, Prêt a Manger did good pre-mades, but finally, like buses, two salad specialists come along at once: Dressed and Just Salad....

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Truly Madly Deeply Healthy | 19.04.2010

Truly Madly Deeply Healthy

Life Café is ground zero for organic, vegetarian food in Hong Kong. It's also an unofficial home for Hong Kong's healthinis (or healthini wannabes - i.e. me)......

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