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Tai Moooooooo Shan Milk  


Nestled in the shadows of Tai Mo Shan (Hong Kong's highest peak) is a farm. No really! It's a farm with cows. Well, not exactly, but there are cowsheds - which have, well... been turned into office buildings. While that sounds like typical Hong Kong progress, how about this - the factory next to the cowsheds produces natural and organic milk! Betcha didn't know that!

Farm Milk Ltd was first established in 1985 by government surveyor Jerald Clark, and produces Hong Kong's famous ‘pure milk'. The milk originates from their 3,000 Shenzhen-residing Australian cows. Milk produced by these cows are shipped daily to Hong Kong where Farm Milk pasteurises, homogenises and packages the ‘Pure Milk' in Lui Kung Tin.

Its milk by-products such as ginger milk pudding, steam milk pudding, mango pudding and ice cream can be sampled at their small kiosk abutting the factory. It is estimated that Farm Milk ships in 3,000 litres of raw milk a day to be cured and sells over 1,000 bowls of their pudding on a busy day.

We "Heart" Ginger

I think we can write odes to the aroma and medicinal value of root ginger. Its garnered brown skin, its pale creamy yellow colouring inside - ginger is beaut! When broken open -  who can resist the spicy, tangy perfume. Ah, ginger, we heart you! Of course, we had to try the ginger pudding at Farm Milk.

Farm Milk, business partner, Virginia Ng explained to us the methodology behind the perfect dessert which can be sampled on site. It seems that the ginger is first shaved then paired together with the organic milk to create the popular pudding.

"Our signature dish is ginger milk pudding," said Virginia. "We grind the ginger and mush it to get the juices. Then, we mix the ginger juice with the re-heated milk. The bowl is then steamed for about 20 minutes."

I Scream, You Scream

ICE CREAM!!! With their source of natural organic milk, it is quite natural for Farm Milk to create other milk products, such as ice cream, which we also sampled - the mango is zingy, creamy and fresh!

"We have created our own ice cream with flavours like chocolate, vanilla, sesame and mango," said Virginia. "All our products are natural without any additives or artificial flavourings."

The Milk Man

Well, while were enjoying the by-products of the ‘Pure Milk' - we also learned that fresh milk can be delivered to our doors. Since sampling milk overseas, Hong Kong milk often tastes different. This is because most milk in Hong Kong has been treated with ultra-high temperatures (more than 138 degrees) which prolongs the shelf life. Farm Milk products are heated to 72 degrees celsius therefore the taste is more natural.

Pure Milk, Low Fat, Skimmed Milk and Cream are available for purchase - with free home delivery to Hong Kong, Kowloon and the New Territories!

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