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Meet: Jacqui Williams

Column: The Art of Food


My cooking stripes were earned at a macrobiotic vegan cafe; not the typical training but still invaluable. My head chef had a traditional approach without the need for hazing or emotional bullshit. I’ve also worked for a coffee roaster, as a barista and cook. I learnt a lot about coffee from hardcore coffee geeks. I had the pleasure of working for a guy who’d been head chef at a Michelin star restaurant in England. It took a while for him to warm to me as I wasn’t classically trained, but eventually he imparted some of his wisdom.

I’ve been married, and divorced, and I was a kept woman for a time; being domestic and lazing by the pool. Besides Fine Art I’ve also studied Spanish, shoe making, and media/communications. I’m currently involved in sexuality/social studies and writing. I love life and all its experiences. Call me the intellectual hedonist.


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