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And to Drink?  


Everyday wines under $200, really? | 26.09.2012

Everyday wines under $200, really?

You know the situation: trying to find a wine that could be opened for any daily occasion and meeting the inevitable dilemma of “do I buy this $200 bottle or will that more expensive one be better?”...

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Two words: Growers Champagne | 22.08.2012

Two words: Growers Champagne

Growers Champagne: two words that we encounter more and more, yet which somehow remain a bit obscure. We all know Champagne, definitely, but to rather limited extents. Champagne has the particularity of showcasing really strong brands like Veuve-Clicquot, Roederer, Dom Pérignon or Krug, to name a fe...

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What wines to chill out in summer heat? | 24.07.2012

What wines to chill out in summer heat?

Summer is definitely on its way in Hong Kong, making all of us strive for freshness. But once we finally have found that delightful cool spot to spend lunch time or enjoy a sunny Saturday, the remaining question is that of the ideal wine to open....

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Is Champagne a Wine Like Any other? | 13.06.2012

Is Champagne a Wine Like Any other?

We often wonder if Champagne is out there in its own category or if it is a wine like any other. I guess the first step to defining anything is to look it up in the dictionary: France's reference dictionary Le Littré, defines Champagne as "a French province which produces a renowned sparkling white...

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