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A Taste of Japan  


Shiippoku-Ryori - Tablecloth Cuisine | 21.04.2011

Shiippoku-Ryori - Tablecloth Cuisine

Shiippoku-Ryori or "Tablecloth Cuisine" is believed to have originated in the Edo period (1603-1868) in Nagasaki - the only port in Japan which was open to trade at that time. As a result of foreign trade the people of Nagasaki were developing cosmopolitan characteristics, even in their style of din...

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Sushi – Not Just Fish on Rice | 09.03.2011

Sushi – Not Just Fish on Rice

Sushi is probably by far the most popular Japanese dish and it can be eaten in many different ways. The presentation of sushi is extremely important and sushi chefs can spend a lifetime, literally, refining and honing their skills, filleting fish, selecting the best fish to buy, and knowing when and...

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Versatile Miso | 20.01.2011

Versatile Miso

Today, most of us are familiar with Miso, a traditional Japanese ingredient. Protein and nutrient rich, Miso is the result of fermenting ingredients such as soy bean, rice or barley (sometimes a combination); soy based miso the most common. Before refrigeration miso was used to preserve food and ove...

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The History of Kaiseki | 10.11.2010

The History of Kaiseki

In Hong Kong, I don’t know anyone who doesn’t like Japanese food, whether it is served from a speciality restaurant or from a conveyor belt. I can understand how intriguing Japanese cuisine is for many people, and I am humbled to have the opportunity to share my experiences and thoughts with WOM rea...

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