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Yunnan Wild Fungus Feast at The Royal Garden Chinese Restaurant


July marks the perfect season for Yunnan wild fungus. Guests can savor the prime wild fungus delicacies elegantly presented by Ho Wai-sing, Chinese Executive Chef of The Royal Garden Chinese Restaurant with 25 years of culinary experience.

Yunnan Province is blessed with the ideal climate for nourishing fungus, which grows best from July to September every year. Acclaimed as the home of edible fungus, Yunnan harvests high quality fungus. Chef Ho hand-picks for you the best of the best: collybia albuminosa, porcini, chanterelle, catathelasma, etc. Each has a unique taste and is extremely nutritious.

Savor sautéed porcini with prawn and seasonal greens. With its wonderful aroma, porcini lends a meaty flavor and texture to the dish. Chef Ho sautés porcini with succulent prawn meat, the strong fragrance of the mushrooms penetrates the prawns and is surprisingly delicious. Another highlight of the menu is sautéed chanterelle with conpoy, eggs and bean sprouts. Chanterelle is known as "gold chanterelle” because of its golden appearance, golden taste, and golden price. Taking advantage of its black truffle-like flavor, Chef Ho creates a delightful delicacy by combining chanterelle with conpoy, eggs and bean sprouts, bringing complexity to the dish.

Sautéed catathelasma with scallop and greens is another signature dish. The aroma of catathelasma is mild and elegant, with a slight note of sourness. With its texture similar to abalone, it is commonly known as the “vegetarian abalone”. Chef Ho masterfully pairs the catathelasma with scallops, for both are soft and juicy. Fresh vegetables are added to offer a balance between the tastes. The pleasantly aromatic fleshy collybia albuminosa in Simmered Brassica with collybia albuminosa and Yunnan Ham is tender and has a scent like chicken. The sweet threads of collybia albuminosa, acclaimed as “King of Fungus”, are simmered with superior stock and Yunnan Ham. The soup is rich and umami, and the ingredients have fully absorbed the stock. One can hardly resist the temptation.

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