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Kobe Beef Extravaganza at Inagiku


Kobe beef, a culinary luxury craved by foodies around the world, is making its debut in Hong Kong. Starting August 3, a vessel of dishes made with this ultimate gourmet food will be served at Inagiku Japanese Restaurant.

Despite the proliferation of namesakes, genuine Kobe beef comes from a specific breed and genetic lineage of cows raised in the Hyogo prefecture in western Japan. Living the luxurious, stress-free life of regular massages and premium beer, only 3,000 cattle are certified as Kobe beef per year. For a long time, this highly sought after delicacy is restricted to domestic consumption. Only seven cattle are imported to Hong Kong in this first batch, and the meat is all A5 -- the highest attainable grade.

Genuine Kobe beef has excellent "marbling" -- the fine white streaks of fat that run through lean beef and enhance flavor and tenderness. The fat melts at a temperature lower than any other beef. This explains why it melts in your mouth for a sensational burst of flavor from the very first bite. The Japanese chefs at Inagiku with profound knowledge of the food have exquisitely crafted nine delectable items that will delight all your senses.

Inagiku (Kowloon Branch)
Kobe Beef Teppanyaki
(Steak or Roll) $1880/ $1780
Kobe beef sashimi $1080
Seared Kobe beef sushi
(Per piece)$300
Kobe beef shabu shabu $1580
Kobe beef sukiyaki $1580
Kama Simmered Rice with Kobe beef and burdock $600

Inagiku (Hong Kong Branch)
Kobe Beef Teppanyaki (Steak or Roll) $1980/$1880
Kobe Beef Sukiyaki Roll $480
Grilled Kobe Beef & Round Eggplant with Garlic Miso Paste $500
Kobe Beef & Radish in Small Hot Pot $800

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