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A Japanese-style Korean restaurant may sound like a funky fusion, but at Japanese Yakiniku WAKO Restaurant, meat-lovers are offered fine quality wagyu, kalbi, and bulgogi to name a few, marinated to perfection in order to enhance their tenderisation. Yakiniku translates into “grilled meat,” and those who love to cook will certainly enjoy preparing their own meats and veggies to their precise temperature, all while donning a stylish bib. If you prefer not to work for your food, try the delicious, fragile slices of wagyu carpaccio, dipped in ponzu to reveal its subtle, refined taste. The sushi selection is also quite vast, yet high prices mark high quality at Wako. Tucked away in the hustle and bustle of Causeway Bay’s neon lights, the spacious dining room feels like a sanctuary, filled with the odoriferous scent of Korean B.B.Q.. With a minimum order of $3800, foodies can dine in the private room fit for twelve, inundating themselves with the crackling sounds of the grill and keeping the precious scent in, complete with wooden clappers to call for your waiter. However, service is lacking and very ‘on edge’ at times, and waiters are trained to recommend only the most expensive dishes to benefit their service charge. If you are a sake connoisseur, opt for the Kubota sake to wash down the rich meaty taste, as their selection of rice wines is slim. Confucius says: "The way you cut your meat reflects the way you live," so savour the bite-size pieces of tongue, liver, and fine cuts of loin, opposed to the ordinary selection of seafood. To top off the meal, even dessert must be barbecued! Their special ‘cheesecake’ is to be eaten crispy and warm, tattooed with the markings of the grill itself. All in all, Wako is a special treat for those who crave Korean barbecue, but the cost along with the meal is perhaps a bit heavy for the daily diner.

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