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Sponsored Article: Lily and Bloom  


These days, weekends just got more exciting with brunches, where diners gather around great food and drinks, having a dandy pastime on the weekend. The weekend brunch is the end-of-the-week reward for many, and a time to relax with good food. Yet somehow brunches with free-flow of bubbly and wines often leave children out, but Lily & Bloom has the answer for parents now, as children are now greeted with open arms with the restaurant's new Harvest Selection and a Kid-friendly station designed for family weekend fun!

Kid-friendly station at Brunch

Running a contemporary American theme, the Sunday brunch at Lily & Bloom has been available for more than a year, and it is time for a revamp with a different style, featuring a buffet Appetizer, a seafood station, a vast selection of main dishes as well as desserts. For an additional charge diners can also enjoy free flowing of a house-special Bloody Mary and Bellinis. But what sets Lily & Bloom's Sunday Brunch apart with the rest is its first Kid-friendly station, where children are encouraged to be creative and playful with their food, such as decorating cupcakes. Adults are welcomed to join their children in some interactive fun at Brunch.

Harvest Selections

Aside from the new Kids Corner at the Sunday Brunch, Lily & Bloom's ‘Harvest Selection' appetizer buffet is also new. With strong emphasis on local ingredients and the season's best, the selection varies across different varieties of dishes comprising of fresh vegetables that are sourced fresh from local markets. One should note for creative composed salads such as "Jade Vegetable" as well as local organic tomatoes paired with Buffalo mozzarella. Another signature at the Harvest Selection is the meats section, featuring the house-made pate. The pate, which is made in house, is studded with jade-green buttery pistachio, is creamy in texture. It matches perfectly with fresh slices of baguette available alongside platters of cheese and other antipasti.

Lily & Bloom's Raw Bar is famous for its generous selection of oysters and seafood on ice. Here at the Sunday Brunch oyster-lovers will be delighted to find the season's best oysters shucked and served on order and served on a bed of ice. With preference between cocktail sauce, mignonette or a squeeze of lemon, oysters are fresh with the delightful briny flavor from the ocean. Among other seafood are whelks, cold prawns as well as other seafood salads to choose from.<br />Part of what makes Sunday Brunch a relaxing pastime is to have an unlimited supply for drinks. Here at Lily & Bloom diners can add an additional charge for unlimited Bellinis and Bloody Mary. Bellinis here are not only made with peaches and sparkling wine, as the classic recipe describes, but the restaurant takes on the freshest seasonal fruit to create the Bellini for the guests. Bloody Mary takes on a classic recipe by combining Worcestershire sauce, hot sauce, and fresh horseradish and let flavours steep overnight. The mixture is mixed with tomato juice and served with a stick of celery. The best thing about this house-blend Bloody Mary is that diners can adjust the amount of vodka in their drinks, as a shot of vodka is served on the side for each order of Bloody Mary.

Scrumptious Main Dishes

One should save an appetite for the selection of main dishes at the Sunday Brunch. With three twists to the traditional Eggs Benedict - Classic (with Smoked Pork Loin and Brown Butter), Maryland (with Crabcakes) and Seattle (with Smoked Salmon). The Classic Benedict takes on a perfect form of foccacia toast, poached eggs and a house-smoked pork loin, dressed with the fluffiest golden blanket of brown-butter Hollandaise sauce. The key to using a brown butter instead of ordinary butter in the making of the Hollandaise sauce ensures toasty nuttiness to the butter itself and the overall sauce, enriching the texture of the dish. The Crabcakes in the Maryland Benedict contains chockfull of crabmeat, with flakes of red bell pepper for extra sweetness and crunch.

The ‘Huevos Flamenca', served in a small cast-iron skillet, is a fun take on the French dish ‘oeufs cocotte'. Onions, tomatoes and chorizo sausages are cooked on the hot pan before adding an egg, which sizzles in the pan and cooked briefly in the oven. ‘Steak & Eggs' is a classic Brunch signature, played together with over-easy Japanese eggs, braised greens but more importantly, steak from Tasmania, Australia. This grass-fed beef is succulent and juicy with great meat flavor. The ‘Bloomberg-er" is in itself a show-stopping stunner. With toasted buns spread with truffled mayo sandwiching a layer of melting gruyere, sunny fried egg, bacon and a super-juicy beef patty, the burger can easily feeds two. The patty, made with equal proportion of ground brisket and ground beef chuck for optimum flavor and texture, is seared on both sides with a crusty exterior while the inside remains juicy and tender. Be sure to get extra napkins ready as juices burst into each bite of the burger. 

Like other meals, it is important to finish a weekend pastime with a dessert. The ‘Pumpkin Panna Cotta' takes on two varieties of pumpkins - the Chinese pumpkin made into a thick jam while the Japanese kabocha squash is roasted, pureed and folded into a spiced honey panna cotta. The mellow spices and honey blend in well with the kabocha squash as they all build up to the richness of the panna cotta itself. Candied pecans served on the side offers a wonderful crunch. The ‘Lemon Tart' is an underrated dessert that's overlooked as being too simple. Here at Lily & Bloom the lemon tart takes a citrus curd baked inside an almond shortbread crust. The filling takes on a golden glow that exudes a sunny sweetness and appropriately astringent taste that goes lightly on the palate with no cloying aftertaste.

The Sunday Brunch at Lily & Bloom is offered every Sunday from 11am to 4pm. Prices are $400* per person for each 3-course brunch including one complimentary beverage. For an additional $100 diners can enjoy unlimited Bloody Mary and Bellini. Children between ages 4 and 11 can enjoy a 50% discount, while youngsters below age 4 are free.

*All prices are subjected to 10% service charge.


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