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Earthy Delights at Le Port Parfume | 10.07.2014

Earthy Delights at Le Port Parfume

When Le Port Parfume opened, we are pleasantly surprised on its French bistro takes on local seafood. With fine produce and simple preparation, this French bistro in Kau U Fong is taking a leap into some seasonal earthy delights from Yunnan, as it is mushroom harvest time around this time of the yea...

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The New Bo | 26.06.2014

The New Bo

For the longest time we have been quite reluctant to go back to Bo Innovation, not because its signature XiaoLongBao failed us, but with great reservation that the molecular trend has ended in this city before it ever gotten popular in the first place. Between our last visit to the recent one, Alvin...

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Fine French GourMAY | 08.05.2014

Fine French GourMAY

A colorful array of celebrations takes place in May each year, joyously cheering on the rich and colorful culture of France, including art, theatre, cinema, fashion and food. Such is the wonders of Le French May. The celebration of food is, appropriately named "Le French Gourmay", celebrating the ri...

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A Taste of Kumamoto | 27.03.2014

A Taste of Kumamoto

There is no better season to celebrate the arrival of fresh produce than spring. At this time of the year, vegetables sprout and shoot through the soil from their seedlings after a well-rested winter. Gonpachi is launching a promotion from 4-15 April to celebrate the joyous abundance of excellent in...

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'Fish & Chips' is Back | 28.02.2014

'Fish & Chips' is Back

When Chippy closed last year, fish and chips lovers mourn for its passing. The honest truth, we were devastated by the loss, but the opening of "Seasalt" on Mosque Street quickly rekindled our love towards the humble Fish and Chips....

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New Dim Sum for Spring | 27.02.2014

New Dim Sum for Spring

The changing of seasons is often reflected in the change in restaurant menus. We are accustomed to the introduction of fresh flavours when Spring descends while bolder pairings in the fall. New items are introduced during this change, and more often than not, in their most creative forms. Such is th...

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Quick Sichuanese Fix at QI | 23.01.2014

Quick Sichuanese Fix at QI

Last April, QI House of Sichuan opened its door, serving "Sichuanese with a modern interpretation". We knew little about it then. Yet word on the street has it that this contemporary Sichuanese is building up its fan base for the past couple of months. It was time for a visit, and we were honestly s...

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Surf 'n' Turf in the new Central | 09.01.2014

Surf 'n' Turf in the new Central

Continuing on the New Central Series, the classic Surf 'n' Turf has been renewed and morphed into new forms. Returning onto the spotlight of the dining radar, we zeroed into two brand new eateries: Atlantis Blue and Fish & Meat to find out more....

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New + Noteworthy: Plat du Jour | 12.12.2013

New + Noteworthy: Plat du Jour

French cuisine has been a popular choice of cuisine in the city. With numerous establishments that bear a long-standing French dining tradition, more bistros have opened up in the past few years, with a casual ambiance that attracts more diners to sample the best of the French repertoire. This week,...

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Steak-ing Claim in the New Central | 28.11.2013

Steak-ing Claim in the New Central

It doesn't 'just so happen' that Central has a bunch of new restaurants. For decades the central district has been the food hub where some of the best restaurants and new concepts have blossomed, from local favorites to Internationally acclaimed, from simple DaiPaiDongs to fine dining. The restauran...

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Weekend Sweet Indulgence | 10.10.2013

Weekend Sweet Indulgence

Those of us who have run out of ideas to dive into afternoon teas in the city now have one more place to be. Starting last week, Restaurant Petrus of the Island Shangri-la has launched a “Weekend Sweet Temptation” promotion on weekends, showcasing the French restaurant’s sweet creations crafted by t...

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Top 5 Oktoberfest Celebrations in Hong Kong | 26.09.2013

Top 5 Oktoberfest Celebrations in Hong Kong

It’s that time of the year, folks! The time when we join the parties of beer and dances while indulging in traditional German fare to celebrate Oktoberfest! As more and more restaurants are promoting the German festival, let’s take a look at our Top 5 celebrations for the year!...

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Hisato's Edible Vision | 12.09.2013

Hisato's Edible Vision

To create the best Japanese cuisine, a chef's passion is as important as his culinary experience and a sense of perfection for his creations. Chef Hisato Nakahigashi earned a stellar reputation for his originality and creative take in food, combining French sensibility and the masterful art of Japan...

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From Capsule to Dinner Plate | 21.08.2013

From Capsule to Dinner Plate

What can you do with coffee when it comes to cooking? Our modest dining experience has taken us from part of a breadcrumb crust on a rack of lamb to pan-fried country ham with red-eye gravy, from Tiramisu to Opera Cake. This September, Nespresso is launching a limited edition “Crealto” coffee as wel...

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Summer Darlings | 08.08.2013

Summer Darlings

Under the scorching sun, ice-chilled drinks or ice cream sundaes may be the answer for a temporary cure for this intense heat. As summer hits full swing, so are the waves of fruity harvests to quench our thirst with sweetness. After the abundance of berries come the wave of stone fruits: peaches, ne...

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The Spanish-Chinese Crossover | 25.07.2013

The Spanish-Chinese Crossover

Those of us who spend our waking moments following the food trend can tell you how much Spanish Cuisine has dominated our attention for quite some time. Indeed, as we munch our ways through olives, paellas, and churros, more Spanish restaurants have opened in the past year than before. This time aro...

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Summer Light Eats | 04.07.2013

Summer Light Eats

While the city is heating up, our appetite is not. The heat, together with the humidity decrease our desire to eat like any other time of the year, even though summer is essentially the season for produce abundance: The melons are ripe, and so are marrows and squashes that make wonderful light dishe...

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Brand New Afternoon Dainties | 05.05.2013

Brand New Afternoon Dainties

With new season comes new treats. We are digging deep into the change of seasonal menus. Not only are we catching the blooming of new restaurants, WOM is bringing you the latest of afternoon teas, from a perfume collaboration to a colorful French celebration....

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Tasteful New Spring Dishes | 02.05.2013

Tasteful New Spring Dishes

As May arrives, weather is still a mess. While it's good news we were not promised of misty spring days where all are sticky and wet, we encounter the fluctuating weather of cool chilly days with sun in the morning and rainstorms in the afternoon. The temperature roller-coaster has affected the prod...

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Spring with Ume | 25.04.2013

Spring with Ume

There is a change this year. Spring crept in and out of the city in such an unpredictable manner. The misty days were replaced by fluctuations of cool windy intervals and sunny, summery mornings. While the weather failed us, the produce calendar didn't. The market is now replaced with a spread of gr...

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Scrumptious Egg White Dishes | 24.04.2013

Scrumptious Egg White Dishes

Egg dishes have been the popular topic at Easter - where I can find a perfect onsen egg, a great French omelette, or egg salad sandwich. We never doubt the versatility of the egg, but sometimes we wonder, what about egg whites? And as part of this year's Easter celebration, we pay tribute to egg whi...

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Return to Gourmet | 10.04.2013

Return to Gourmet

After taking a sabbatical from dining out, returning to the dining scene has proven that the city’s dining options are just as wonderful as colours on a painter’s palette. We have not lost touch to the new restaurants that opened, we just have much to anticipate about when it comes to something. Thi...

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Fishy Business by the Pool | 26.02.2013

Fishy Business by the Pool

Something fishy is going on with the notion of poolside dining. The trepidation of diners being seen eating by the pool with swimmers making splashes is enough of a turn-off even though we all love getting some sun dining al fresco. The newly refurbished Fish Bar at the JW Marriott is of no such wor...

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In the (Christmas) Kitchen with Gregoire Michaud: Part 1 | 12.12.2012

In the (Christmas) Kitchen with Gregoire Michaud: Part 1

With the festive holiday season just around the corner. The familiar melodies are jingling in our ears like the Christmas bells, and the sweet aroma of winter spices on Pannetone, Christmas Puddings and Cakes are igniting our appetite for something delightful and festive. WOM has the pleasure to ent...

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Winter's Luxury | 20.11.2012

Winter's Luxury

There is something about White Truffles, an intrigue that draws foodies back to examine fine dining options every year. The prized morsel is now at the peak of its season, as restaurants are featuring the best flavours to accentuate the delicate flavor of the white truffle. Here is a selection of wh...

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Plate with Colours this Fall. | 06.11.2012

Plate with Colours this Fall.

The seasons may not be respecting the calendar as much, as cooler weather has just arrived. With Christmas approaching we have yet to anticipate a chilly winter ahead, but what we can count on is the streak of colourful plates that greeted our palates the past week, here comes a showcase of these ne...

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A Fruitful Week | 22.10.2012

A Fruitful Week

The issue most of us take when it comes to eating, is that you get only a handful of good meals out of the many you try out. Even though it’s true that the more you eat the finer your scale it is going to become when it comes to know what is good and what isn’t. We at WOM are thankful of the past we...

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Say It: Wholly Crab! | 10.10.2012

Say It: Wholly Crab!

It’s that time of the year, people. The mooncakes are now replaced with the flooding of hairy crabs from China. Before you grab your utensils ready and your hands dirty, do look into the options of hairy crabs when dining out. Many restaurants are serving special dinner sets and deals for these priz...

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Summer Dainties: New Dim Sum for the Season | 27.06.2012

Summer Dainties: New Dim Sum for the Season

The new season calls for light appetites and lighter meals to go with the appetite. Often times, we end up eating less per meal but more meals, nibbling our way throughout each day. Dim Sum is just about perfect – literally mean ‘little morsels’, dim sum can be regarded as one of the most complex fo...

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A for Abalone and Art | 09.05.2012

A for Abalone and Art

Eating is an art. While it relies on acquired taste in the various forms of eating, including habits, priorities, preference to cuisines and many more. There is much complexity in the form of eating and it wouldn’t be fair to conclude that eating is only for the sake of survival. We often find pleas...

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Bring On the White Spears | 02.05.2012

Bring On the White Spears

Following the seasonal produce calendar, white asparagus arrives in May, marking the beginning of the onslaught of summer produce. The ivory-colored vegetable, with its firm but slender stalks, is prized for its seasonality. Harvested and widely enjoyed in May, the biggest harvests come from France,...

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Sweet, Sweet Easter | 03.04.2012

Sweet, Sweet Easter

Sweets and Chocolates are often in abundance at the Easter Table. This year, the Easter feast got more interesting, as an artful selection of chocolates and sweets capture the attention of many. Here are some of our favorites so far....

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