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Sponsored Feature - Azure's Christmas & New Year Menus  


Azure hails two reasons to why it's the best place to have your festive dinners this season. Introducing two stunning menus, the Christmas Day menu and the New Year's Eve menu, enough to entice and please every food lover's holiday cravings. 

Planted in HK Island's most lively neighbourhood, and within the financial godfather's of HK, Azure is one of HK's most sought after dining venues. Step onto their terrace where it overlooks the city's most prized possession, bedazzled by the glitz and glamour of mile high Louboutin's and freshly pressed collared shirts. 

Christmas Day

‘Tis the season to be jolly, Azure is presenting a four or six-course menu with a glass of vintage Dom Perignon to ease those pre-holiday nerves. 

First, the Amuse Bouche sets the stage. Tasmanian Oyster with Caviar and Red Wine Jelly. A platter of three fixes - a plump raw oyster nestled on a homemade (labour intensive) tortilla shell, a spoonful of Russian pearls, and petite cubes of sweet rouge jelly. Pulsate through the levels of dramatic flavours.


For the first course, will be a tough one, choose amongst the Crispy Pork Belly, Tuna Pate Napoleon, or Pan Fried Foie Gras with Seared Hokkaido Scallop. The Pork Belly, before it was crispy, was brined for 48 hours in salt and star anise to lightly flavour and hydrate the meat. Or it you must, the Foie Gras, pan fried to a crisp exterior, finished with chunky sea salt and scribbled with a port wine apple puree. Alongside, a pan-seared Hokkaido scallop is again perfectly executed, caramelised on the outside but remains translucent on the inside. 

Let your third course be the Lobster Bisque, a heavenly marriage of lobster and cream with plate-side accents of abalone glee and lobster springroll. Before you dive straight into the soup, allow the gelee to vanish on your tongue while savouring the essence of the abalone. The pungency of the fresh abalone is like boom boom pow in your mouth. Whilst the lobster springroll is a fantastic alternative to the usual buttered crouton. And if you'd like something a little more wholesome, the house signature Green Pea Soup with slivers of black truffle and a touch of 24k gold might just be what you're looking for. Very clean, very pure, with a touch of bling bling.


Down to the main, Turkey Two Ways - sous vide turkey breast, gently cooked, textures are uncommonly buttery and moist, a velvet glaze to match. This dish will change your mind for turkey. A tender juicy leg confit served with roasted baby cabbage make up the duo. Option two, Grilled Wagyu Striploin - flame grilled, charred, melt-in-your-mouth perfection. The presence of the grill remains, for the smoky flavours perfumes and lingers as you inhale and exhale. 

And for dessert, a Poached Asian Pear and Fruit Compote is a nice finishing touch. Chef Joe Chu takes the traditional Chinese method of poaching pear in candied dates and figs and applies it into this sweet but subtle number. After, the pear is stuffed with a light creamed cheese and softened nuts, cradling the pear is a hazelnut nutmeg crisp smothered in between a plane of cooked dried apricots and an airy vanilla cream cloud. A nice finishing touch to a meal fit for a king.

New Year's Eve

It's a night to salute the old and welcome the new. All's well, ends well with a six-course dinner including a glass of Vintage Dom Perignon for $1,288.

To start, a palate opening Amuse Bouche of Hokkaido Scallop Ceviche with Citrus Lemongrass Dressing


The first course is a Foie Gras Duet -  pan-seared foie gras and truffle butter foie gras mousse. The mousse is a product of a labour of love. First marinated in cognac for 24 hours, then finely sieved to remove any veiny particles, and lastly finished with a coating of weightless truffle butter. The texture is smoother than butter, lighter than air. The flavour of the goose liver is as prominent as the aroma of the truffle, just heavenly. Droplets of citrus and berry pudding garnishes the plate, adds a hint of spiciness that tickles the palate.


French Ecaille Oyster, this award-winning oyster is nothing less than its trophy. Extremely creamy and non-evasive, needs no loud notes to set it off because it merely speaks for itself, but a little champagne froth won't hurt either.

For the next course, a simple soup, followed by a palate cleanser of Lime and Pineapple Champagne Sorbet.

The Orange and Pistachio Crusted Salmon, cooked to a crisp on the outside, but pink and tender on the inside. The citrus salsa adds a sharpness of sweet and acidic flavours, which lifts the flavours of the fish. Cute compliments of hazelnut mash moulded to resemble mini pears before taken to the fryer. The taste is as cute as it looks.

Main course number two is the Sous Vide Wagyu Beef Steak, a flawless dish that needs no further annotation.  

Last but not least, the White Chocolate Mousse dessert might have your heart skip a beat. A white chocolate mousse cake drizzled with thick caramel palm syrup and finished with a sprinkle of honey roasted nuts. And as your heart pitter patters through the mousse, the coconut jelly laid on coconut crumbles may just be puppy love all over again.

Whilst you may be fretting over presents, attire, and the tree, first secure a night of promising good food, reliable service, in a sea to sky venue first. Hey, the holidays are about the food aren't they?

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