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Fit for a Queen | 01.06.2012

Fit for a Queen

It is not every day that I have the luxury of enjoying afternoon tea. By afternoon tea, I don't mean a cup of tea and some biscuits at the desk; I'm talking about the whole fanfare, complete with extravagant spread of savoury and sweet goodies. June marks the 60th year on the throne for Her Majesty...

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A Slice of Perfection | 16.04.2012

A Slice of Perfection

There is an old saying: anticipation is half the pleasure; this sometimes applies to food as well. There are times when I look forward to a meal so much that I envision the whole experience days before. Of course if anticipation really is half the pleasure, then that meal is not very pleasurable, un...

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Artistic Conception Dining | 07.03.2012

Artistic Conception Dining

When the PR from Mandarin Oriental invited me to a media dinner at Man Wah to have a first taste of the Da Dong promotion in April, I was probably the first to reply a big enthusiastic yes. Firstly, Da Dong is one of my favourite restaurants in Beijing and secondly, I have never had a bad meal at Ma...

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Kaki-furai and Rahmen! | 10.10.2011

Kaki-furai and Rahmen!

The temperature has dropped a little lately and it makes me crave comfort food. I know I know, that is just a poor excuse, especially when the weather is still in the mid-20s and standing on the street for more than half an hour is enough to make one sweat. However, it is fall in the rest of the wor...

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It's been a Crab Week! (Part 2) | 30.09.2011

It's been a Crab Week! (Part 2)

After two consecutive nights of crabs, I thought that was the end of my crab feast for a while. How glad I was that it wasn't the case. What would stop me from eating crabs every day, if I could, is not the repetitiveness but what the Chinese doctors call toxin build-up. In the world of Chinese medi...

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It's Been a Crab Week! (Part 1) | 16.09.2011

It's Been a Crab Week! (Part 1)

After a mini-break from this column last week, I'm back in full force. Last week's food adventures were extremely exciting and I cannot wait to write about them. Crabs are my favourite seafood and I happily gobbled down four meals of crabs in one week. It was a wonderful week indeed....

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Home Sweet Home | 01.09.2011

Home Sweet Home

After being on vacation for two lovely weeks, I am back to my normal routine, a.k.a. work. Only when there is work does one treasures vacation time. At least that is what I tell myself. When I'm traveling, I have the urge to document every food item I see and every bite I take. If a picture says a t...

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Selamat Pagi, Bali! | 25.08.2011

Selamat Pagi, Bali!

Yet another week of lounging by the pool and basking under the sun for me, as I found myself on the serene island of Bali last week. In case you start to think traveling is all I do - I wish - I am back in Hong Kong, ready to excite my taste buds with the various new openings and to meet THE Ferran...

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Jungle Fever | 18.08.2011

Jungle Fever

While most of you were slaving away in the concrete jungle that we call home last week, I was in another jungle. A real jungle where lions eat zebras, rhinoceros walk around freely, herds of elephants line up by the waterhole to have a sip, single file no less, and an overpopulation of impalas. If l...

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Just One Exceptional Dinner | 10.08.2011

Just One Exceptional Dinner

I can only write about one dinner this week. Or rather, there is only one dinner worth documenting. Or perhaps it was so outstanding that all other meals paled in comparison. It is always a pleasant feeling when one meal blows your mind and you go home feeling satisfied physically (I really mean sto...

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Greens, Burrata & Pho | 02.08.2011

Greens, Burrata & Pho

The past week my goal was to eat healthily. I define eating healthily as “not eating unhealthily”. That means no eating past the point of no return, no midnight binge fest and increasing the intake of vegetables. Surprisingly the last thing was the most difficult to do. Resisting the leftover in the...

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It's Bone Marrow Week! | 26.07.2011

It's Bone Marrow Week!

Ever since taking up the role of editor a couple months ago, I have had all the reasons to dine out and try out new restaurants. Not that I hadn’t been doing that before, but I now need to do it, need being the operative word. It’s all in the name of research! When it is put that way, the guilt melt...

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