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Grabbing Good (but Quick) Lunches | 01.08.2012

Grabbing Good (but Quick) Lunches

While eating out is a lifestyle respected by many, eating out during lunch peak hours can be quite a pain. Let’s face it, even with a reservations made there are so many confounding variables that will affect your experience in the limited time you have for the middle meal of the day. Even worse is...

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Freshness Kicks the Appetite Blues | 31.07.2012

Freshness Kicks the Appetite Blues

Summer heat can be unbearable sometimes, the hotter it is, the less we're inclined to eat. This is how we feel about eating under the scorching sun. Luckily enough, we have sampled some of the more appetite-inducing dishes at Intercontinental Grand Stanford's Chinese Restaurant Hoi King Heen, where...

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Off the Beaten Track | 11.07.2012

Off the Beaten Track

There is never trouble locating food through the overlapping networks of streets – the selections of cuisines and repertoires within each of them, dazzle the eyes and delight the appetite for those who love to eat. Yet conventional wisdom reminds us good food requires some searching, and we have jus...

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