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Bistecca Italian Steak House: The Book | 27.04.2011

Bistecca Italian Steak House: The Book

Bistecca Italian Steak House: The Book is the first self-published cookbook from Dining Concepts Ltd and is co-authored by the group's director of culinary operations, Chris Mark, and writer Andrew Sun, with photos by fine art documentary photographer Andre Eichman, and a forward by chef Umberto Bom...

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The Gold Collection by Harlan Goldstein | 12.04.2011

The Gold Collection by Harlan Goldstein

In the world of celebrity chefs and their revenue-generating cookbooks Hong Kong's own 'celebrity' chefs have been slow to join the potential cash-cow bandwagon. There are a handful of known Hong Kong chefs who have published books, although most of these are in Chinese. This year things will change...

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Secret Recipes by Award-Winning Chefs of The Royal Garden | 10.03.2010

Secret Recipes by Award-Winning Chefs of The Royal Garden

We are firmly entrenched in the era of the celebrity chef and the spinoffs that result, such as TV shows and cookbooks, the latter being a big money earner for chefs....

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Never Skip Dessert | 07.10.2009

Never Skip Dessert

Two key things I look at when considering cookbooks to buy are the images and the recipes. The images should ideally be full page, and they must stimulate my mind, body and senses, literally making my mouth water with a simultaneous desire to get into the kitchen. The recipes need to be accessible a...

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TOO DELICIOUS | 08.07.2009


TOO DELICIOUS is the second cookbook from Claudia Shaw-d'Auriol and Dominica Yang, keen cooks, foodies and society regulars. The book was published in late 2008 and is a collection of their best-loved recipes. Like their first book all proceeds from book sales goes to a worthy cause, this time it...

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Food Art | 09.06.2009

Food Art

Food Art has been produced by The Hong Kong Jockey Club to showcase the talents of its two chefs, the Derby Restaurant’s Donovan Cooke and the Fortune Room’s Bobby Tak Yan Lo....

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Artisan Bread by Gregoire Michaud | 11.03.2009

Artisan Bread by Gregoire Michaud

Artisan Bread by Gregoire Michaud hopes to bring back the passion, art and science of producing crusty and flavourful bread – Artisan bread. The comprehensive book includes information on understanding the character of wheat, the flour and the ferments, through to baking techniques and wide variety...

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WWF Seafood Guide | 10.11.2008

In order to spark awareness about the sustainable production of seafood which is specific to Hong Kong, the World Wide Fund has created a traffic-light system to classify the types of marine life that is caught in ecologically friendly fisheries, opposed to over-exploited and over-fished areas....

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Wine Dinners – Pairing Asian Flavours with Bordeaux Wines | 10.11.2008

Wine Dinners – Pairing Asian Flavours with Bordeaux Wines

Wine Dinners provides recipes and matching Bordeaux wine recommendations for 12 wine dinners. Each wine is one of the couple’s favourites. Each menu includes a starter, two mains and a dessert. The recipes use European cooking techniques as the foundation while blending in Asian flavours and ingredi...

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Cheese Slices | 01.04.2007

Cheese Slices is a follow-up to Studd’s award-winning book Chalk and Cheese published in 1999. The promotional material reads, “Why do some cheeses taste better than others? What do you look for if you want to choose the very best? Where do your favourite cheeses come from and how are they made? If...

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