About WOM

Our team of content producers are always on the lookout for culinary news. And you will find them conveniently presented in our website through various sections such as "news", "events", "reviews" and more. Each year around November, our annual Dining Guide is published. This elegant and book-bound guide features over 300 restaurant listings.

As always WOM stands for Word of Mouth, and our contributor team consists of the city's best known foodies, editors and chefs, so you know you can always trust our recommendations!

Food lovers want their news fast. Here at www.womguide.com, our goal is to present Hong Kong's most comprehensive BILINGUAL website updating all the news that will tingle your taste buds. What's more, our focus on VIDEO CONTENTS brings all of sights and sounds of dining out to its full potential. Whether it is an organic editorial story or a customised partner solution, we will say it with passion and flair.

Staying true to our motto, WOM guide is designed ‘for those who love to eat ‘. Discovering a city’s best restaurants can be a challenge, especially in one with so many hidden gems as Hong Kong. At WOM guide it’s been our mission since 2005 to make your culinary journey easier.

Please contact us anytime at info@womguide.com for any more information.