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Florian Trento  

Florian Trento

Current Position:

Executive chef, The Peninsula Hong Kong - Florian oversees The Peninsula's eight restaurants and a brigade of 135 chefs. He is responsible for the planning and implementation of new concepts. (The Peninsula)

Career Highlights:

Completed his training and apprenticeship in Switzerland. Florian has held key positions in Europe and the Middle East, including the Buergenstock Hotels and The Red Sea Palace Hotel.

Cuisine Specialties:

European cuisine - particularly Italian, French, Swiss; and Cantonese.

Q&A with: Florian Trento

February 2011

This month David Goodridge tells us his preferences on butter; Florian Trento gives tips on clarifying stocks; and Eric Hendry shares a recipe for preserving lemons.

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December 2010

This month Florian Trento advises on whether to add salt to water when cooking pasta, Paul Lau gives a suggestion for a children's school lunch, and Paul McLoughlin talks about seasonal mushrooms and his favourite way to cook them.

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November 2010

This month Florian Trento tells us how to make the perfect roast; Eric Hendry offers a substitute for the spice, sumac; and David Goodridge answers a question on freezing meat.

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October 2010

This month Paul Lau gives a recipe for Peking Duck pancakes, Florian Trento provides tips on creating a lunch box for an eight-year-old, and David Goodridge highlights two seasonal ingredients.

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August 2010

This month Eric Hendry gives a recipe for a romantic Middle Eastern dish, Florian Trento gives non-wheat suggestions for making gnocchi, and Paul Lau talks about his favourite dishes to make for family and friends, including a recipe.

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June 2010

This month Eric Hendry talks about haloumi, David Goodridge provides a recipe for duck, and Florian Trento talks about The Peninsula's use of organic produce.

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May 2010

This month Ashton Hall provides a suggestion for an impressive three-course meal, including recipes. Paul McLoughlin answers a question on the use of organic produce, and Florian Trento tells us what he looks for in a chef.

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April 2010

This month Paul Lau talks about achieving Wok Hei at home, Paul McLoughlin talks about what it means to be a good chef, and Florian Trento tells us why he has not had a bad experience as a chef.

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January 2010

This month David Goodridge tells us about his biggest challenge as a chef, Paul Lau gives advice on vegetarian dishes for the elderly, and Florian Trento talks more about becoming an executive chef.

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September 2009

This month's questions are answered by Paul McLoughlin, Florian Trento and David Goodridge.

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August 2009

This month Paul Lau, Florian Trento and Michael van Warmelo answer your questions.

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June 2009

This month Paul McLoughlin, Florian Trento, and Paul Lau answers your questions.

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April 2009

April’s questions are answered by Florian Trento, Ashton Hall, and Paul Lau.

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March 2009

This month's questions are answered by Paul Lau, Gregoire Michaud, and Florian Trento

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February 2009

This month's questions are answered by Florian Trento, Paul McLoughlin and Ashton Hall.

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January 2009

WOM talks to Florian Trento, Tak Sum Lee and David Goodridge.

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